TriBourne Multisport Events partners with Tri Wetsuit Hire to offer competitors affordable wetsuit hire options

We are excited to announce that TriBourne Multisport Events have partnered with Tri Wetsuit Hire to offer our competitors the opportunity to hire wetsuits for our events.

Tri Wetsuit Hire is a leading provider of high-quality wetsuits for triathlons. They offer a wide range of sizes and styles to suit all abilities and preferences, and you can easily book your wetsuit online at

This is a particularly good service for novices doing their first triathlon, as it can be difficult to know what size and style of wetsuit you need. With Tri Wetsuit Hire, you can simply provide your height and weight measurements, and they will select the wetsuit that will fit you best. Additionally, hiring a wetsuit means that you don’t have to commit to the cost of purchasing a wetsuit if you are only planning to do one event.

With Tri Wetsuit Hire, the booking process is simple, quick, and easy. Just tell them your size details and when you need your wetsuit, and they will select the wetsuit that will fit you best based on your height and weight measurements. They will then send it out to you in plenty of time for your event.

You can hire a wetsuit from Tri Wetsuit Hire for as little as two weeks or for the entire season, so you can choose the option that works best for you.

As a TriBourne competitor, you can get a 15% discount on all wetsuits from Tri Wetsuit Hire by using the discount code TriBourne15 when making your booking. This offer is valid for all TriBourne events, including the Eastbourne Triathlon, IronBourne Triathlon, the 255 Triathlon Festival of Endurance, and the Brighton & Hove Triathlon.

We are excited to partner with Tri Wetsuit Hire and offer our competitors this convenient and affordable option for wetsuit hire. Don’t miss out on this fantastic offer, and make sure to use the discount code TriBourne15 when booking your wetsuit with Tri Wetsuit Hire at


  • Matthew Dowle

    Mat Dowle is an experienced triathlete who has completed over 20 Ironman distance triathlons and countless shorter distance events. He started his athletic career as a runner, completing many marathons and ultra-distance events. After 10 years of running, he decided to try his first triathlon, despite never having learned to swim. Despite the steep learning curve, he loved the experience and has been competing in triathlons ever since. Over the years, he has picked up many good results and has represented Great Britain on the age group team at multiple world and European championship events.