Encourage your friends to try their first triathlon in 2023

As a triathlete, you know firsthand the excitement and sense of accomplishment that comes from completing a triathlon. Why not share that experience with your friends and encourage them to try their first triathlon in 2023?

TriBourne Multisport Events offers two novice-friendly super-sprint triathlons that are perfect for first-timers: the Eastbourne Triathlon in June and the Brighton & Hove Triathlon in September. Both of these races are designed for participants with no prior triathlon experience, so your friends don’t need to worry about feeling overwhelmed or out of their depth.

To make it easy for your friends to join in the fun, TriBourne offers gift vouchers for both of these events in our online shop. This makes it simple for you to give the gift of a race entry to your friends and loved ones this holiday season.

By encouraging your non-triathlete friends to take on the challenge of a triathlon, you can help grow the triathlon community and introduce even more people to the thrill of the sport. So why not spread the word and encourage your friends to sign up for their first triathlon in 2023? You never know, they might just fall in love with the sport the way you did.


  • Matthew Dowle

    Mat Dowle is an experienced triathlete who has completed over 20 Ironman distance triathlons and countless shorter distance events. He started his athletic career as a runner, completing many marathons and ultra-distance events. After 10 years of running, he decided to try his first triathlon, despite never having learned to swim. Despite the steep learning curve, he loved the experience and has been competing in triathlons ever since. Over the years, he has picked up many good results and has represented Great Britain on the age group team at multiple world and European championship events.